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Free Little Art Gallery
Elk Grove

To promote independent artists and build community engagement through the free exchange of art.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where are you located?

Free Little Art Gallery Elk Grove is located in Elk Grove, California at 6012 Laguna Vale Way, west of Foulks Ranch Elementary School and Kloss Park.  It officially opened on April 23, 2023. 


How does it work?

It’s like those little free libraries but with art. View the art, take a piece of art, make a piece of art, give a piece of art, but most of all enjoy the art!


Who can contribute art?

Anyone, yes ANYONE, can contribute art to the gallery.


What type of art does the gallery accept?

The gallery accepts all types of art! Drawings, paintings, photography, ceramics, jewelry, crafts, fiber, collage, artist trading cards (ATCs), etc. 


What type of art does the gallery not accept?

The gallery has the right to remove any artwork that touch on the dignity of any individual, religion, politics, race, tradition, or country.


What size art fits into the gallery?

Any size that can fit inside. We do recommend anything up to 8” high x 8” wide and 5” deep. 


Where do I leave art I'd like to contribute? 

Leave pieces inside the gallery. You are welcome to move pieces around to accommodate your new piece.  The gallery is built with modular stands and accessories to accommodate art of all size/shape.


What should I include on the art I contribute?

Our number one goal is to share your artwork with all the gallery social media followers. To do so, we would appreciate any of the following information: Name, Age (if you are under 18), Social Media and/or Website. You can write this on the artwork, or place a small sticky note on the back. You are also welcome to leave artwork anonymously.


Can I mail you art?

Yes! Please mail to: Carolyn Baptista, FLAG Elk Grove, PO Box 581256, Elk Grove CA 95758. 


What happens after I leave my artwork?

We will photograph your art and share it on social media. If the gallery gets too crowded, we will store select pieces to bring out at a later date. We cannot guarantee all pieces will be photographed and shared. We aim to check the gallery often; however, some pieces may be taken before we see them.


What happens if I take a piece of art?

Enjoy it! Tell your family and friends where you got it. Most importantly, if the artist has their name or social media handle on the item, take a photograph of it and share it on social media. Tag the artist and the gallery. Include the hashtags #freelittleartgalleryelkgrove and #freelittleartgallery. Let’s support our artists by showcasing their talents! Then in return, come back and participate by adding a piece of your art.


Do you hold special curated exhibits?

In the future, we may hold a special exhibit to showcase a local artist. During a special exhibit, the gallery would be locked for a select time. Afterwards, the gallery would be unlocked and run as normal. All artwork from the special exhibit will then be free to the public. If you are interested in having your artwork displayed in a special exhibit, send a direct message (DM) or email


Who curates the gallery?

The public curates the gallery. Your contribution to the gallery is what makes it so special. Beyond that, the gallery is curated and maintained by Carolyn and Brian Baptista. Carolyn is the gallery curator with an undergraduate degree in Art History and Brian is a visual artist and art educator. With their joint efforts of creativity and promotion, the founders of Free Little Art Gallery Elk Grove invite you to share the experience. 


How can I support the gallery?

This is all about sharing the joy of art. Support this gallery by contributing to it and/or telling your friends and family about it. Share posts, tag artists, drive the spirit of creativity by being an active gallery participant. The gallery will include a donation link on it’s Linktree site when funds are needed for maintenance and upkeep.

What else does the gallery do?

The gallery will strive to showcase local artists by keeping an Instagram highlight reel. In addition, to promote the education of art, the gallery will occasionally post Instagram highlights about art history, art mediums, or some of the curator's favorite artists. The gallery is open for any ideas or suggestions regarding art education. 


Are there other Free Little Art Galleries?

Yes! Free Little Art Galleries (F.L.A.G.) are international. You can find FLAGs on Instagram by searching #freelittleartgallery. Check out who we follow to see other FLAGs on Instagram. In addition, there are websites dedicated to tracking FLAGs across the world. We were personally inspired by the FLAG curated by Stacy Milrany in Seattle, WA. It’s a wonderful story.


I have more questions; how do I contact you?

Send a DM through social media or email

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